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From the director of “I AM COMIC”, my follow up: “I AM ROAD COMIC” – a funny comedy documentary with great interviews with T.J. Miller, Pete Holmes, Marc Maron, Doug Benson, Jim Norton, Judah Friedlander, Alonzo Bodden, Maria Bamford, Jen Kirkman, Auggie Smith, W. Kamau Bell, Nikki Glaser, Wayne Federman, Seth Milstein, Oni Perez, Alysia Wood, Kris Tinkle, Traci Skene, Brian McKim, Tim O’Rourke, Tom Rhodes, Kyle Kinane and yours truly.

PayPal customers click here: BUY with PayPal. I incur a small fee, but hey, worth it to hear you laugh! This comedy documentary is a funny documentary about comedy, stand up comedy. Stand up comedians are in this documentary. Not an official sequel to “I AM COMIC” but from the same director.

My name is Jordan Brady, but people call me Bradyoil. Here is my homepage: . My Website Los Angeles USA and work as an Directorat DGA.My friends:


  1. Justin

    Whoah, that was fast. I just heard that this had a trailer a few weeks ago! Surprise gift for the weekend!

  2. Hersh

    After attending a screening of this really entertaining movie, I had to get it for my private home collection – which, by the way, does NOT include Avatar. Both films have a lot to teach us about comedy, but I like this one better. A worthy follow-up to I AM COMIC. Thanks and Kudos, Jordan Brady!

  3. Stefon Stephens

    This was the best comedy film, film about comedy, I have ever watched and I couldn’t have loved it more. Loved seeing Doug Benson, Pete Holmes, Marc Maron, and TJ Miller’s segments; especially Pete’s infatuation with fucking the crowd and TJ’s nod to it. Congratulations on making an amazing film Jordan!

  4. Jules

    Jordan Brady, director/editor, and Andrew Furtado, co-editor, did an amazing job compiling the right scenes to make this movie a true documentary! It explains what life is like as a comic as well as what it takes for a comic to be successful. Had no idea how much work goes into being on that stage. Thanks guys! Totally worth watching!


      No thank YOU! Andrew did more than edit, he crafted laughs from the footage. More importantly, he shaped the story arc of the weekend, which it paramount to any film’s success.

  5. Ed Marion

    Sadly, the only reason I’m not paying to watch this is because I don’t like the lack of a security lock at the URL payment page. I LOVE I Am Comic and I’m sure this film is as wonderful. I Am Comic is just a masterful film on working lives.

    : (

    my best to you,

  6. David

    Cannot wait to watch this. I AM COMIC was wonderful and I’m glad that Jordan is back again with more! Also, Andrew Furtado is a sexy beast.

  7. Lamonte

    If you saw and identified with any part of I Am Comic, you should acquire this. Mind you, I haven’t watched it yet, but WTF? I Am Comic was so FUCKING good, how could you NOT be on board. What do the old people say? Sight unseen? SIGHT UNSEEN. I’m doing my first 30 minute set on Sunday. I am excited to watch some elements of my potential future.

  8. Missy Spears

    Just downloaded and watched! Great, great film. Really lays out the life on the road. Laughing while learning is the only way to go.

  9. Megan

    I actually haven’t even seen I Am Comic yet, but Jordan kept popping up on my favorite podcasts (Doug Loves Movies, Comedy Film Nerds); so I Googled him and remembered seeing him on Comedy Central as a kid! I knew I had to watch this movie and I am really glad I did; if for no other reason than to get a blast from my past (that green suit!) and see what Jordan looks like now (totally still cute, by the way). A must-see for any stand-up comedy nerd and a very well-spent $5!

  10. Gary

    I can only echo Megan’s sentiment and reiterate that Jordan is totally cute. And glad to see old hand Wayne Federman put this rookie in his place about crowd-working middles.

    Thoroughly enjoyed it. Great to see so many of my favourites comics join in to talk about comedy & life on the road. Sits very well in my burgeoning comedy library. Thank you Jordan, Andrew & everyone that took part. You all done good

  11. Marc Hodgkinson

    I really enjoyed this documentary and it is more than worth the paltry $5 download fee. This is a great way to get comedy content. Even if I spend $100 a year this way, I get to see 20 comedy specials and docs and if only half of them are good – I am still way ahead on dollar value and struggling artists get a chance to be heard. Buy it – you will enjoy it and help Jordan Brady make “I am Mimic”.

    Now, that said, I knew I would enjoy this film because I loved “I am Comic” on Netflix. I particularly liked the decision to go on the road with Wayne Federman (to a dubious and clearly dangerous club) while commentary from well established road comics is interspersed throughout like a modern day Greek chorus. It is a clever conceit that is made stronger by the extended time that novice comic Seth Milstein gets. His perspective into the comedy scene juxtaposed against the attitudes of road weary veterans was compelling for me.
    I do not agree that “The Golden Dick of Death” is something that anyone should celebrate as a badge of honour. (Canadian spelling)…regardless of how much heavy metal you play.
    I do maintain my belief that Pete Holmes should play John Ritter when they get around to making his biopic. Cue Pratfall.
    Thanks Jordan and Mohrstories for bringing me here.


      Thank you Marc for the great review and support. When someone enjoys the storytelling of the film, it makes my year!! You get a free download of “I Am Mimic” when that becomes real. Cheers, Jordan.

  12. Nate S.

    Any plans to release this on DVD and/or Blu-Ray? I would love to add this to my movie shelf! Looks great, thanks!


      Hey Nate! Honored to rest amongst your shelves of films. I’ll did around about the DVD/Blu-Ray details. But you can easily burn your download to a DVD. Hell, I’ll ship you the movie poster files to make a cover. Thanks for enjoying the docu. – Jordan

  13. Catfish Russ

    This documentary captures the road experience during a small resurgence in local standup comedy. I actually did road comedy with Jordan Brady in the early 80s and we were friends back then and now. It’s wild to see Jordan grow up into a really good documentarian and filmmaker in general. I really enjoyed the grit and pace of this movie. There are moments that are just hilarious, especially the part that features an ancient local businessman who is trying to conduct his interview and quiet his equally ancient, deaf and chronically barking chihuahua. The film celebrates an up and coming comedian’s first bright moments and his pride. And the movie is honest too, sharing moments that make us wince when the show doesn’t go so well. This little gem reminds me how lucky I was to have met all these talented comedians, how eternally grateful I am to have shared the stage with them for a decade and then saw many of them go onto much bigger venues and meteoric success. It’s worth more than $5. Tell you that.

  14. Alex

    Loved both documentaries, just finished them back to back. I think they both really fill holes in the movies about the craft of comedy. Was glad to pay the $5 and hope you get enough together to put another one together. I’d love to see a documentary about one of these city clubs. Having never lived in NY or LA it is hard to imagine places where just about anyone can end up on the stage any given night. Thanks for putting the movies together, I’m sure they were a ton of time and money, great work.

  15. Eliu

    Finally had time to sit down and watch this documentary!

    Really enjoyed!

    BTW, I always enjoy when you bring documentary filmmakers to the podcast. Looking forward to CONFESSIONS OF A COMMERCIAL FILMMAKER!

  16. Steve

    Just watched the film on Netflix. Very entertaining. Liked the aspect of the film showing the way some comics pass the time when not doing a show. Would love to watch a film following a comic like Federman on an actual tour. Great job.

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